Gold Krysanth1 x Bronze Jharzeth1 (Starmount Weyr FrostFire, 2002-03-01)

Egg Hatchling/Color Dragon Rider
Croatian Hussar Blossoming Lotus Gold Chiyorith Siobhan
Soaring High Airforce Cadet Brashly Courageous Molten Bronze Iantroth T'sul (Tysul)
Armor of the Way Snap To It Bronze Sorinoth R'ick (Carrick)
Roman Centurion Butterscotch and Rum Brown Adolaeth Anya (Aidanya)
Feathery Huaxtec Adventuresome Yet Cowardly Brown Yamashyth C'nor (Carnoran)
M*A*S*H Scrubs Aquatic Nocturne Blue Essyroth T'eray (Kehteray)
Commandingly Yellow Shirt Shadowed Jungle Green Eishyath A'sh (Ashe)

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