Gold Ceristh1 x Bronze Rasnauth1 (Fort Weyr Silver Skies, 2001-08-25)

Egg Hatchling/Color Dragon Rider
Dawn-Colored Canyon Naively Curious Bronze Kourieth C'daer (Cedaern)
Seaside Tower Scholarly Tome Brown Gilbrath W'lin (Wylin)
Timeless Forest Thinking Thoughts Brown Honeath L'in (Louin)
Red Clay Troublesome Tributary Brown Saurenth J'han (Jehan)
Equine's Isolated Island Dare the World Blue Rilareth Thera
Endless Sea of Sand Lush Mirage Oasis Green Alaeth Daera
Through the Lattice Web of Illusions Green Ceilath Maykara
Illusionary Leviathan Energetically Eccentric Green Tylisath Miake

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