Gold Solarith1 x Bronze Orakath1 (Southern Weyr Rukbat, 2002-12-29)

Egg Hatchling/Color Dragon Rider
The Shattered Golden Harmony Need for Speed Cheetah Gold Ararinth Kae'rlyn (Kaerlyn)
The Snowy Forest Expanse Leaping Spirits Thompson's Gazelle Bronze Eimaraith K'sar
Spaces Between the Stars High Soaring Peregrin Falcon Brown Sahentath X'ian (Xeoshian)
Witches Steaming Brew Delightfully Speckled Leopard Gecko Green Inesayath Aura (Aurora)
Winding Warren of Tunnels Sweetly Demure Dwarf Rabbit Green Lajilath Zeri (Zeriya)
White Beasts' Sanctuary Calculatingly Beautiful Snow Leopard Green Vedaraith A'dren (Aldrean)

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