Gold Khalyssrielth x bronze Denivoth1 (Southern Weyr Harper's Tale, 2015-10-04)

Egg Hatchling/Color Dragon Rider
Fire and Gold Eye of the Rukbat Gold Nemekhath Clementine
Free Will Summer's Wild Hunt Bronze Hrykeluth R'ik (Ulrik)
Whiskers and Mittens Puritanical Protector of Innocence Brown Gruffith Keelie
Billiards and Trouble Death Before Dishonor Brown Varaeth Z'ok (Zolok)
It's Hedley Heir to a Young Kingdom Blue Khenwyth Hegiana
Recalculating... Illusion of Time and Space Blue Zafroxth Xia (Xiamina)
Chaotic Good Whither Way Walks What Wicked Green Kabrianth Halia (Mahalia)
Do Not Open This Thunder's Gentle Romance Green Minucovith Ilissea
Mosh Pit Eternal Flame of the Sky Green Yerenath J'ran (Joran)

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