Gold Roszadyth1 x bronze Lythronath1 (High Reaches Weyr NorCon MUSH, 2015-10-24)

Egg Hatchling/Color Dragon Rider
The Pit(s) Got Wit? Gold Aidavanth Jocelyn
Down Once More Wrought In Secrets Bronze Asaroth T'gar (Rategar)
What Burns Beneath Feast for the Psyche Bronze Zoth V'ret (Everett)
Under the Bed Rendezvous at Dawn Blue Khajith N'klas (Nikalas)
Doomed In Darkness dashing Daredevil Blue Quarinth S'rin (Serin)
Pasty Screaming Shallows and Light Blue Zaiseryth Silva
Death by Pink Effervescent Joys of Spring Green Evyth Lys (Lycinea)
Out of Order Green Violith Torlynna
Oppressive Vessel Predatory Protean Green Virisceth Ellerey

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