Fallen Stars (MOO)

Timeline: Early 2nd Pass
Info: Currently with only one PC area (that of Ista Weyr) and a focus on early-Pern politics and intrigue, Fallen Stars is the game for you if you're a fan of long-term plotlines and intricate relations and character development. Two important points to consider, however: due to our timeline, we have no firelizards, and are not a 'family' MOO: due to the nature of plotlines, Fallen Stars MOO maintains a PG-15 rating for public RP.
Total Dragons: 13

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Ista Weyr
Color Dragon Rider Dam Sire Status
----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
Gold Auseth Israe (WW) OD
Gold Brygidath Hester OD
Bronze Ath S'zyi OD
Bronze Ineundath R'eve OD
Bronze Troreth R'kadel OD
Brown Omrakath D'naj OD
Brown Qwenzerath Fal'on OD
Blue Artoseth G'vin OD
Blue Gangulith Tris OD
Blue Rhaowyth Cr'ash OD
Green Karesoth Ur'an OD
Green Yacinth Danaka OD
Green Yaminith T'meran OD