Ierne Island MUX (MUX)

Timeline: Eleventh Pass
Info: They jumped forward in time to save a plague-ravaged Pern from a new Pass of Threadfall, and they wound up spending more time fighting amongst themselves and with the newtimers. And now they're at it some more. With a fractious leadership and organized families wanting to take control of things, Ierne Weyr has somehow managed to alienate and offend at least half of their beholden Holds and crafters, yet they still hold true to their duty to Pern - to protect the people with their lives if necessary.
Total Dragons: 9

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Ierne Weyr
Color Dragon Rider Dam Sire Status
----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
Bronze Artrenth K'ken Alaemyth Eadranth 704
Bronze Eadranth Sh'drian (WL) Faeanth Zuirinth 456
Bronze Kaleth D'thor OD
Brown Calidath T'vrel (WLM) OD
Brown Thilenth D'nan Alaemyth Eadranth 704
Brown Vorsanth L'yan Faeanth Zuirinth 456
Blue Alucanth N'kkat OD
Blue Roppeth K'yin Alaemyth Eadranth 704, Insta wlg
Blue Terilth J'lan Alaemyth Eadranth 704

Ierne Weyr

Gold Alaemyth x Bronze Eadranth (704, 2005-12-17)

Gold Mallorineth Bresis Ista Weyr (off camera) Leading Edge
Bronze Artrenth K'ken (Kuiken) Ierne Weyr Ierne Island MUX
Brown Thilenth D'nan (Dunixian) Ierne Weyr Ierne Island MUX
Blue Roppeth K'yin Ierne Weyr Ierne Island MUX
Blue Terilth J'lan (Jaskylan) Ierne Weyr Ierne Island MUX