Pern's Legacy (MUSH)

Timeline: 7th Pass
Info: After seeing how easily a group of rebels could take advantage of their isolation from each other, the leaders of Pern started the Caucus, a high-profile school meant to bring together the heirs of hold, hall, and weyr as classmates and eventual allies. Pern's Legacy takes place a turn after the closing action of Leading Edge, in the newly-opened Eastern Caucus - an independent site still struggling with limited resources, a primitive structure for higher education, and the troubled reputation of the original Caucus.
Total Dragons: 8

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Color Dragon Rider Dam Sire Status
----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
Gold Rosalith Anwyn OD
Gold Veranth Oden OD
Gold Zoreth Noa OD
Gold Zotzilath Amerigo OD
Bronze Hiraeth S'lei OD
Bronze Inuath K'tai OD
Green Immath Tavaly Citalth Morelenth 709
Green Oshisyth Issa OD