Shadows of Keroon (MUX)

Timeline: Ninth Pass, alternate
Info: Religion, politics and intrigue mar the lives of the Pernese living in this alternate 9th pass after a long 8th Interval. With dragonriders lower than apprentices on the ranks of the respected and the Craftmaster an equivalent to a high priest, Shadows of Keroon is a new and innovative take on Pern RPing. The theme for Shadows of Keroon MUX is unique. Using Anne McCaffrey's Pern for a basis of culture, society and history, an alternate 8th Interval has played out for these people. There is no Lessa and F'lar; instead, the Pernese began to wonder if there were other explanations for dragons, Thread and their world.
Total Dragons: 14

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Keroon Weyr
Color Dragon Rider Dam Sire Status
----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
Gold Anth Marey (WW) OD
Bronze Alesth I'dor OD
Bronze Corbiath N'in OD
Bronze Wisrith O'dol OD
Brown Fintirieth C'thinel OD
Brown Olieth T'misan OD
Brown Quazinth M'cel OD
Blue Eemith L'cot OD
Blue Lachekoth H'bay OD
Green Kimnith S'uin OD
Green Parsyeth Emme OD
Green Sullarath Xabi OD
Green Tebeth Eliry OD
Green Velniath Nalwe OD