Threadfall (MUSH)

Timeline: Eleventh Pass, no AIVAS
Info: Set exclusively at Fort Weyr, TF takes place during the Eleventh Pass with a no-AIVAS timeline. We have a detailed character creation process, as well as a focus on plots. This game is not for everyone, as we are focused on bringing to light some of the darker, more intriguing aspects of Pernese life.
Total Dragons: 100

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Benden Weyr
Color Dragon Rider Dam Sire Status
----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
Gold Dovryth Geraine OD
Fort Weyr
Color Dragon Rider Dam Sire Status
----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
Gold Ofwynth Dhiantha OD
Gold Vedyath Emani (WW) Siramyth Arisvath 500
Bronze Arisvath R'hyn Kialeth Kellioth 604
Bronze Daymith W'rik Selynth Jeirath 499
Bronze Durreth B'den (WL) OD
Bronze Gerroth L'ran Vedyath Durreth 665
Bronze Kourieth C'daer (WLM) Ceristh Rasnauth 381
Bronze Llannith Sh'ang OD
Brown Accath C'zak Vedyath Durreth 665
Brown Damerith D'val Siramyth Arisvath 500
Brown Famorith Jen Vedyath Durreth 665
Brown Kealath Z'vind Trinyth Morpheth 491
Brown Solineth E'rik Savinath Sesketh 702
Brown Tallerith T'ren OD
Brown Viasseth Cardixa Trinyth Orrath 497
Blue Cempeth Vianna Savinath Sesketh 702
Blue Inashanth A'raz Selynth Jeirath 499
Blue Laijith N'thri OD
Blue Ludoth E'win Vedyath Durreth 665
Blue Paskath Asoelian Siramyth Arisvath 500
Blue Rhavinath Oki Selynth Jeirath 499
Blue Rheth Dani Selynth Jeirath 498
Blue Wysath Jorli Siramyth Arisvath 500
Green Hymniath Inoia Selynth Jeirath 498
Green Ianneth Scay Siramyth Arisvath 500
Green Linazeth Waverly Siramyth Arisvath 500
Green Lornath Orilee Rievoth Rugarth 395
Green Nhiameth B'myr Selynth Jeirath 499
Green Yranth T'an Niaryth Arisvath 496
Green Zillath Quinn Vedyath Durreth 665
Igen Weyr (off camera)
Color Dragon Rider Dam Sire Status
----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
Gold Trinyth Alyssa OD
Ista Weyr (closed)
Color Dragon Rider Dam Sire Status
----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
Gold Isyrath Llilian Trinyth Morpheth 491
Gold Niaryth Serriena Isyrath Morpheth 494, DEC
Gold Selynth Mechelle Niaryth Arisvath 496
Gold Siramyth Kiora Selynth Jeirath 499
Bronze Jeirath E'van (WL) OD
Bronze Kataskoth El'mat Selynth Jeirath 498
Bronze Marcath D'kar Trinyth Morpheth 491
Bronze Morpheth T'rrent OD
Bronze Mynarth E'stan OD
Bronze Naimoth P'rin Trinyth Orrath 497
Bronze Orinth Y'lan Niaryth Arisvath 496
Bronze Pseusath M'gus Isyrath Morpheth 494
Bronze Treyuth K'ao Niaryth Arisvath 496
Brown Baileth R'kel Trinyth Morpheth 493
Brown Basliath Arianna Niaryth Arisvath 496
Brown Cabrath J'to Selynth Jeirath 498
Brown Davoth G'nar Trinyth Morpheth 493
Brown Demirth Z'ed Isyrath Morpheth 494
Brown Dionyth V'dan Selynth Jeirath 498
Brown Gareth Ayvaria Trinyth Orrath 497
Brown Iskandith J'sen OD
Brown Kayrath Xylaene Trinyth Zineath 495
Brown Nadeth Gretchen Isyrath Morpheth 494
Brown Nimoth Vesta Trinyth Morpheth 491
Brown Orrath Y'nis OD
Brown Perceth Y'taji Trinyth Zineath 495
Brown Qaimoth P'lok Selynth Jeirath 498
Brown Rieth Th'agar Trinyth Orrath 497
Brown Tolyth Silvi Eilonwyth Czolgoth 602
Brown Valorianth Marit OD
Brown Zephath T'min Trinyth Zineath 495
Brown Zineath V'lin Isyrath Marcath 492
Blue Arrieth Linnelei Trinyth Orrath 497
Blue Dozeth A'poc OD
Blue Gaieth K'ran Isyrath Morpheth 494
Blue Kerelth Q'rin Isyrath Marcath 492
Blue Mamonth Menina OD
Blue Myrdith J'nah Trinyth Morpheth 491
Blue Peruth N'ait OD
Blue Timrath Lenala Isyrath Marcath 492
Blue Travanth A'miske Isyrath Morpheth 494
Blue Vinrath Kytara Trinyth Zineath 495
Blue Zierth Maikie Selynth Jeirath 498
Green Aiareth Belena Trinyth Morpheth 491
Green Carianth Shiae Trinyth Zineath 495
Green Caydath Margareete Isyrath Marcath 492
Green Chirianth Vecica OD
Green Chrysanth Kymberli OD
Green Cymlith Sirrala Isyrath Morpheth 494
Green Faemirth Shannen Rialeth Penath 204
Green Fencyth Xhatia Trinyth Zineath 495
Green Genevrath Cymber Trinyth Morpheth 491
Green Laicath Elwynn Trinyth Orrath 497
Green Lkorth Phare Niaryth Arisvath 496
Green Lyrrinth Selicia OD
Green Marinath Falina Trinyth Morpheth 493
Green Meriath Jalani OD, DEC
Green Miyath Arallia Leilanth Prometh 285
Green Nediath T'yari Trinyth Morpheth 493
Green Pensyth Lynniya Selynth Jeirath 498
Green Reiseth Catriona Isyrath Marcath 492
Green Savrath Dara Isyrath Morpheth 494
Green Sephath Mollie Selynth Jeirath 498
Green Sovinth Rinell OD
Green Triciath Cianna Trinyth Zineath 495
Green Xanaeth Abalonie Isyrath Morpheth 494
Green Zianneth Kheri OD
Southern Weyr
Color Dragon Rider Dam Sire Status
----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
Gold Savinath Hanne OD

Fort Weyr

Gold Siramyth x Bronze Arisvath (500, 2004-09-05)

Gold Vedyath Emani Fort Weyr Threadfall
Brown Damerith D'val (Jondeval) Fort Weyr Threadfall
Blue Paskath Asoelian Fort Weyr Threadfall
Blue Wysath Jorli Fort Weyr Threadfall
Green Ianneth Scay Fort Weyr Threadfall
Green Linazeth Waverly Fort Weyr Threadfall

Gold Vedyath x Bronze Durreth (665, 2005-03-12)

Bronze Gerroth L'ran (Loran) Fort Weyr Threadfall
Brown Accath C'zak (Crezak) Fort Weyr Threadfall
Brown Famorith Jen Fort Weyr Threadfall
Blue Ludoth E'win (Erwin) Fort Weyr Threadfall
Green Zillath Quinn Fort Weyr Threadfall

Gold Savinath x Bronze Sesketh (702, 2005-12-03)

Brown Abydeth Kaisha Benden Weyr VirtuaPern
Brown Solineth E'rik (Elyonrik) Fort Weyr Threadfall
Blue Cempeth Vianna Fort Weyr Threadfall

Ista Weyr

Gold Trinyth x Bronze Morpheth (491, 2000-06-24)

Gold Isyrath Llilian Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Bronze Marcath D'kar (Dakar) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Kealath Z'vind (Zarvind) Fort Weyr Threadfall
Brown Nimoth Vesta Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Blue Didarath Kassandra Monaco Weyr Silver Skies
Blue Myrdith J'nah (Jonah) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Aiareth Belena Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Genevrath Cymber Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall

Gold Trinyth x Bronze Morpheth (493, 2000-11-05)

Brown Baileth R'kel (Rikelor) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Davoth G'nar (Goran) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Marinath Falina Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Nediath T'yari (Tahayari) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall

Gold Isyrath x Bronze Marcath (492, 2000-11-05)

Brown Zineath V'lin (Valin) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Blue Kerelth Q'rin (Quirin) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Blue Timrath Lenala Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Caydath Margareete Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Reiseth Catriona Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall

Gold Isyrath x Bronze Morpheth (494, 2001-04-07)

Gold Niaryth Serriena Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Bronze Aitanth A'son (Anson) Monaco Weyr Silver Skies
Bronze Pseusath M'gus (Magmus) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Demirth Z'ed (Zaedrial) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Nadeth Gretchen Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Blue Gaieth K'ran (Kuran) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Blue Travanth A'miske (Asmidiske) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Cymlith Sirrala Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Savrath Dara Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Xanaeth Abalonie Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall

Gold Trinyth x Brown Zineath (495, 2001-08-19)

Brown Kayrath Xylaene Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Perceth Y'taji (Youtaji) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Zephath T'min (Tamerin) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Blue Artenth Pyria Starmount Weyr FrostFire
Blue Vinrath Kytara Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Carianth Shiae Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Fencyth Xhatia Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Triciath Cianna Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall

Gold Niaryth x Bronze Arisvath (496, 2002-03-24)

Gold Selynth Mechelle Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Bronze Orinth Y'lan (Yellan) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Bronze Treyuth K'ao (Kaoru) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Basliath Arianna Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Lkorth Phare Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Yranth T'an (Tallan) Fort Weyr Threadfall

Gold Trinyth x Brown Orrath (497, 2002-09-13)

Bronze Naimoth P'rin Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Gareth Ayvaria Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Rieth Th'agar (Athalegar) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Viasseth Cardixa Fort Weyr Threadfall
Blue Arrieth Linnelei Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Laicath Elwynn (Winnie) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall

Gold Selynth x Bronze Jeirath (498, 2003-05-20)

Bronze Kataskoth El'mat (Elimat) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Cabrath J'to (Jinto) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Dionyth V'dan (Verodan) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Brown Qaimoth P'lok (Perilok) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Blue Rheth Dani (Shedani) Fort Weyr Threadfall
Blue Zierth Maikie (Maikeina) Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Hymniath Inoia Fort Weyr Threadfall
Green Pensyth Lynniya Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Green Sephath Mollie Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall

Gold Selynth x Bronze Jeirath (499, 2003-11-10)

Gold Siramyth Kiora Ista Weyr (closed) Threadfall
Bronze Daymith W'rik (Warrick) Fort Weyr Threadfall
Blue Inashanth A'raz (Arazais) Fort Weyr Threadfall
Blue Rhavinath Oki Fort Weyr Threadfall
Green Nhiameth B'myr (Brymar) Fort Weyr Threadfall