PernMU* Dragon Listing

Dear Users,

I thank you for using this site, and have made a few changes in the last week or so that I feel somewhat ready to upload now. It is once again in beta as we've hit version 2, and I have utilized frames for the first time in... well, years! Hopefully this won't annoy many of you and you'll find it easier to navigate with the use of the side menu bar.

Some large changes include the Advanced Search options, where you may find the new UI to be pleasing. There are drop down menus that will automatically populate other menus to make it easier to search for specific instances in specific games/weyrs or as an alternative look up clutching dam and sire records. There are a few quirks to the system, which I am working on in my not so copious spare time, but overall it should be a vast improvement from what was offered before.

As always, should you have suggestions and updates, please feel free to email me at I am also reachable on the PernMU forums in the thread in the Constructive Criticism board as Aya.

Once again. Thank you for using this site and allowing me to try out new (to me) programming techniques and languages on you.

- Aya -

Active Games
Game Type Status Last Hatching
Harper's TaleMOOActiveSouthern Weyr, 2015-10-04
NorCon MUSHMUSHActiveHigh Reaches Weyr, 2015-10-24
PernWorldMUSHActiveXanadu Weyr, 2015-07-26
Second PassMUSHActiveAzov Weyr, 2015-09-25
Seven SpindlesMUXActiveHigh Reaches Weyr, 2015-08-31

Inactive Games
Game Type Status Last Hatching
AfterMathMUSHShut DownFort Weyr, 1995-08-09
Belior RisingMUSHShut DownOriel Outpost, 2002-07-27
DawnSistersMUSHShut DownExile Weyr, 1994-10-26
Desert WingsMUSHShut DownIsta Weyr, 1995-10-10
Divided SkiesMUSHInactiveEastern Weyr, 2010-08-27
Down UnderMUSHShut DownSouthern Weyr, 2000-05-05
Dragon DawnMUSHShut DownFort Weyr, 1994-12-11
Dragon DreamsMUSHShut DownRohan Weyr, 1995-08-07
Dragons' DuskMOOInactiveIgen Weyrhold, 2006-12-15
DragonsFireMOOInactiveFort Weyr, 2012-05-18
DragonTrekMUSHShut DownIsta Weyr, 1996-05-25
Fallen StarsMOOShut Down 
FluxMUCKMUCKShut Down 
Fog, Fire, and FallMUSHShut Down 
Forgotten WeyrsMUSHShut DownNo Weyr, 2002-05-05
Fort Weyr MUSHMUSHInactiveFort Weyr, 2006-05-11
FrostFireMUSHShut DownStarmount Weyr, 2008-03-02
FurryMUCKMUCKShut Down 
High Seas MUCKMUCKShut Down 
HonaleeMUSHShut DownHonalee Weyr, 1997-07-19
Ierne IslandMUSHShut DownIerne Weyr, 1999-07-19
Ierne Island MUXMUXShut DownIerne Weyr, 2005-12-17
InvocationMUSHShut DownHonshu Weyr, 2003-11-21
IronMUSHMUSHShut Down 
Jurassic WeyrMUSHShut DownJurassic Weyr, 1997-05-30
LandingMUSHShut Down 
Leading EdgeMUSHShut DownHigh Reaches Weyr, 2007-03-11
Living FictionMUSHShut DownHigh Pass Weyr, 1997-02-09
MicroMUSEMUSEShut DownTelgar Weyr, 1992-05-26
NanoMUSHMUSHShut Down 
OtakuMUSHShut DownOtaku Weyrhold, 2001-07-13
Pern's LegacyMUSHShut Down 
PernMUSHMUSHInactiveIsta Weyr, 2009-11-22
Phoenix RisingMUSHInactive 
Red StarMUSHShut DownIsta Weyr, 1993-02
Red Star PassesMUSHInactiveBenden Weyr, 2009-06-07
RukbatMUSHShut DownSouthern Weyr, 2002-12-29
Settlers of PernMUSHShut DownConnell Weyr, 2006-11-10
Shadows of KeroonMUXInactive 
ShardsMUSHShut DownHigh Reaches Weyr, 1999-03-28
Silver SkiesMUSHShut DownFort Weyr, 2005-02-26
SouConMUSHShut DownSouthern Weyr, 2009-12-21
SpellboundMUSHShut DownDragonspire Weyr, 1992-01-12
StarStonesMUSHShut DownIgen Weyr, 2004-08-20
Third RockMUSHShut DownIgen Weyr, 1999-05-28
ThreadfallMUSHShut DownFort Weyr, 2005-12-03
TimeMUSEMUSEShut DownTelgar Weyr, 1993-01-31
TinyAmberMUSHShut Down 
TinyCWRUMUSHShut DownTiglath Weyr, 1991-11-18
TinyMUDLPShut Down 
TinyTIMMUSHShut DownTelgar Weyr, 1992-05-03
VirtuaPernMOOInactiveBenden Weyr, 2008-03-13